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Name E-mail User Role
ssnyder5_local ssnyder5@student.kent.edu editor
mraghant mraghant@kent.edu administrator member
atosi atosi@kent.edu editor
Anthropology Faculty Handbook
Name E-mail User Role
imccull2 imccull2@kent.edu
vcourie vcourie@kent.edu editor
Anti-Racism and Equity Institute
Name E-mail User Role
mdavisma mdavisma@kent.edu editor
bnadeau1_stu bnadeau1_stu@kent.edu editor
mkavulic mkavulic@kent.edu
bhysell_stu bhysell_stu@kent.edu editor
cgoar cgoar@kent.edu administrator member
Anti-Racism Efforts
Name E-mail User Role
nakbar nakbar@kent.edu editor
bmolitor bmolitor@kent.edu editor
mwoodin1 mwoodin1@kent.edu editor
Archival Education and Research Institute (AERI) 2016
Name E-mail User Role
jlisic_stu jlisic_stu@kent.edu editor
challaha challaha@kent.edu editor
ehoransk ehoransk@kent.edu editor
apalmie1 apalmie1@kent.edu
jkeirnsw jkeirnsw@kent.edu administrator member
ssabihi2_stu ssabihi2_stu@kent.edu editor
Name E-mail User Role
sstreble sstreble@kent.edu editor
cmsadmins no-reply@kent.edu
bterry bterry@kent.edu editor
Art Education
Name E-mail User Role
mroll mroll@kent.edu administrator member
RMAILLE1 rmaille1@kent.edu editor
Articulation Agreements
Name E-mail User Role
imccull2 imccull2@kent.edu