Freshness Reminder

Web Update Reminders

Take advantage of the Freshness Reminder notification to set reminder notifications on dates when important facts, figures and even personnel changes should be reflected on your website. When you add a Freshness Reminder to your page, you will receive an email reminder about the necessary update. Knowing you might not have time at that moment to make the update, you can access a list of your Freshness Reminders when you next login to make website edits. This list of reminders is available from the black menu bar at the top of your website.

Screenshot of freshness reminder in menu bar

If the reminder was emailed but the page is pending updates, the reminder will be displayed with a red background.  If a page with a Freshness Reminder is edited, the reminder date will need to be removed or updated prior to re-saving the page. We encourage you to make use of this valuable tool, we plan to!

How to add a Freshness Reminder

Add a Freshness Reminder to your page/node by selecting the Freshness Reminder option and completing the Email, Date and Notes fields.

Screenshot of Freshness reminder fields:  Email, Date and Notes