Freshness Reminders

We wanted to let you know that starting in April, you may start receiving automated Drupal Freshness Reminder emails asking you to update content. From Jan. 7 - Feb. 1, a Drupal issue caused a Freshness Reminder to be created any time a Drupal page was saved, even if you did not intend to set a reminder on that page.

Steps to Take

  1. To prevent a flurry of emails, if you would like to remove a freshness reminder from a page you had edited before the email is triggered, you may open that page and uncheck the Freshness Reminder box.
    1. Note: If you open a page in the Freshness Reminder list but don’t see that box expanded, it means that the Freshness Reminder was set by someone else and they will need to remove it. Pleasewatch the demonstration video.
  2. If you don’t use freshness reminders, you might choose to disregard the upcoming emails instead of taking time to deactivate the freshness reminders.

How Do I Access Freshness Reminders?

  1. Go to your group page
  2. Click on Freshness Reminders in the blue menu bar
  3. View a list of pages that will trigger a Freshness Reminder on your site.