Getting Started in Drupal

Web Browser Requirements

You can edit on any computer with Internet access from anywhere! The following supported browsers are recommended with Drupal:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 11.x and later
  • Firefox 5.x and later
  • Opera 12 and later
  • Safari 5.x and later

Becoming a Drupal Editor

Each department decides who they would like to be an editor of their website.  All users are required to attend Drupal Training prior to website access.

The first step to getting started in Drupal is signing in!

A first time login is required by you, after which University Communications and Marketing (UCM) can setup your account. 

Follow these steps to sign into Drupal with your FlashLine credentials:

  1. Go to
  2. Username = FlashLine User Name, for example ailge64 is the FlashLine User ID for (the part before
  3. Password = FlashLine password
  4. Click the Login button.

Logging In Day-to-Day

Login at using your FlashLine credentials.  You will be directed to your Dashboard and will have access to the black toolbar which contains information about the page you are viewing.