Group Settings

Group settings are only available from the group home page.

Main buttons in view mode 


 Main tabs in edit mode

Select either the Edit button (view mode) or the Edit tab (edit mode) to access the following group options.

Screenshot of basic group settings such as title, group short name, campus location, and media

Title - the name of the group

Group Short Name - the group portion of the URL (e.g.  Changing the group short name could result in several broken links, therefore changes should ONLY be made to this field by your web team representative.

Campus Location - select the campus location of your group

Group Media - home page featured Images

  • Images will be added by either uploading them (Upload tab), referring to a URL location (Web tab), locating an image that already has been uploaded to Drupal (Library tab) or locating an image that you have already uploaded (My Files tab)
  • Feature images should be at least 1500px x 600px and no larger than 3MB.
  • Media can be reorder by dragging 

Screenshot of calls to action. A maximum of five can be used.

Calls to Actions - home page action Items are entered here.

Screenshot of group theme choices and group contact information

Group Theme - select the group theme from the available options

Group Address - displayed in the footer

Group Email - displayed in the footer

Group Phone - displayed in the footer

Screenshot of the WYSIWYG editor

Body  - the main page content 

  • Detailed directions on the various editing options are available on the Creating a Basic Page page.

Screenshot of group settings, such as group audience, roles and permissions, and user and permissions inheritance options

Group Audience - if this group is the child of another group, the parent should be selected, otherwise select None.  If the parent group does not begin to prefill the group will need to be added in the Other Groups section.

Group roles and permissions - there are three settings; they should remain as they are setup.  If adjustments are required either contact your web team representative or submit a support ticket.

The tabbed area at the bottom of the page is detailed on the Creating a Basic Page page.