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Headings - ADA Compliant


Heading Examples

Heading styles are available in the body and summary fields.  Headings should always begin with Heading 2.  Heading 1 is used for the page title and should only be on the page once.  If Heading 2 has subheadings, they would be Heading 3.  If Heading 3 has subheadings, they would be Heading 4 and so on. 

Heading 2 Sample

Heading 3 Sample

Heading 4 Sample

Heading 5 Sample
Heading 6 Sample

How to Change the Font Style of a Heading and be Compliant

If you want to change the appearance of a heading as it appears on the page (for instance, you want a Heading 2 to have a Heading 4 style). For accessibility purposes, the proper heading tag must be reapplied to the text AFTER selecting a heading style.

Please follow these instructions to change the heading style appearance:

  1. Highlight the text.
  2. Select “Heading 4” from the Styles dropdown to make the text look like a Heading 4.
  3. Select “Heading 2” from the Format dropdown. It will change the text appearance back to the default Heading 2 style, but it will retain the Heading 4 style when the page is saved.

It is imperative that the heading tags continue to be selected from the Format menu for accessibility, regardless of the style applied to it.