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Please note, elements illustrated in this element library are shown in wireframe format. The terminology and elements do align with and are also illustrated in the full color template mockups.

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Hero Image

Single image, no slideshow.

Hero Image

Sliding Hero Image 1.0

Peak of next slide on the right, headline and subheadline displayed.

Sliding Hero Image 1

Sliding Hero Image 2.0

Multiple rotating image, no photo specific information displayed on the images.

Sliding Hero Image 2

No Hero Image

No Hero Image

Introduction with Call to Action Links

Introduction with call to action links

Introduction Text Only

Introduction text with no call to action links.



Featured News Slider

Featured News Slider

50/50 news and events

50/50 Featured Content Block - must choose two of the following: news, blog and events.

Featured Event

Featured event

Full Width Feed News or events

Full-Width Feed

Accordion with Introductory Text

Accordion with introductory text

Teaser 1.0

Teaser 1.0

Teaser 2.0

Teaser 2

Social Block

Social media block

Tabbed Content

Mockup shows news and events, however other basic pages can be displayed and more than two tabs are possible.

Tabbed content

Call to Action Mosaic

Call to action mosaic

Content Mosaic

Content Mosaic

Image Call-Out Section (Mixed Use)

Image call-out section (mixed use)