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The terminology and elements do align with and are also illustrated in the full color template mockups.

VIEW THE Full Color Template Mockups

Hero Image

Single media image uploaded - a slideshow is not created. Headline and sub headline overlay optional (samples shown without headlines).

Hero Image

Multiple media images uploaded - a slideshow is automatically created.

Sliding Hero Image 2

Hero Slideshow with (linked) Subtitles

Text links to either either a basic page, event or news article.

Sliding Hero Image 1

No Hero Image

No Hero Image

Call To Action Links

Call to Action Links

Factoid Menu


Teaser: V1

Teaser 1.0

New Teasers - Coming in Spring 2019

* Criteria for proper use of these elements is also in development

Teaser: Traditional

See a live preview of the Traditional Teaser.

Traditional Teaser

Teaser: Ribbon

See a live preview of the Ribbon Teaser.

Ribbon Teaser

Teaser: Blue Banner

See a live preview of the Blue Banner.

Blue Banner Teaser

Teaser: Flip

See a live preview of the Flip Teaser.

Flip Teaser

Large Hover Teaser

See a live preview of the Large Hover Teaser.

Large Hover Teaser

Wedge with Large Drop down Accordion

Wedge with large drop down accordion screenshot

The large drop down accordion under the wedge can be replaced with the standard accordion (shown below):

Tabbed Content

Tabbed content

Slideshow:  Node Content Slideshow

Featured News Slider

50/50 News and Events

50/50 Featured Content Block - must choose two of the following: news, blog and events.

Full Width (2 Column) News or Events

Full-Width Feed

Tri-Fold Steps

Tri-Fold Steps

Horizontal Teaser

Featured Event

Twitter Social Media Block

Social media block

Image Grid (Mixed Use)

Image call-out section (mixed use)