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Migration Phase Directory


Kent.edu www.kent.edu
Admissions                                                            www.kent.edu/admissions 


accessKSU www.kent.edu/accessksu
Bursar’s Office www.kent.edu/bursar 
Career Services www.kent.edu/career
Center for Adult & Veteran Services www.kent.edu/cavs
Center for Student Involvement www.kent.edu/csi
Dining Services www.kent.edu/dining
FLASHcard Office www.kent.edu/flashcard
Graduate Studies www.kent.edu/graduatestudies
KSC Programming www.kent.edu/kscprogramming 
Parking Services www.kent.edu/parking 
Post Office www.kent.edu/usps 
Psychological Services www.kent.edu/psych
Recreational Services www.kent.edu/recservices
Registrar's Office www.kent.edu/registrar 
Residence Services www.kent.edu/housing
Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services (SRVSS) www.kent.edu/srvss
Student Accessibility Services www.kent.edu/sas 
Student Center www.kent.edu/studentcenter
Student Conduct www.kent.edu/studentconduct
Student Financial Aid www.kent.edu/financialaid
Student Legal Services www.kent.edu/sls
Student Success (DKS) www.kent.edu/success 
UCommute www.kent.edu/ucommute 
University Health Services www.kent.edu/uhs


Kent State University at Ashtabula www.kent.edu/ashtabula
Kent State University at Geauga www.kent.edu/geauga
Kent State University at Trumbull                        www.kent.edu/trumbull
Kent State University at Tuscarawas www.kent.edu/tusc
Kent State University at Stark www.kent.edu/stark
Kent State University Columbiana Campuses www.kent.edu/columbiana


Air Force ROTC www.kent.edu/afrotc
Airport Operations www.kent.edu/airport
Anthropology www.kent.edu/anthropology
Army ROTC www.kent.armyrotc
Art Education www.kent.edu/arteducation
Biological Sciences www.kent.edu/biology
Biotechnology www.kent.edu/biotechnology
CAS Learning Communities www.kent.edu/cas/learningcommunity
CCI Commons (IdeaBase) www.kent.edu/ccicommons
CCI Study Abroad www.kent.edu/ccistudyabroad
Center for Applied Conflict Management www.kent.edu/cacm
Center for Comparative and Integrative Programs (CCIP) www.kent.edu/ccip
Center for Ecology & Natural Resource Sustainability www.kent.edu/cenrs
Center for Materials Informatics www.kent.edu/cmi
Chemistry www.kent.edu/chemistry
College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology  www.kent.edu/caest
College of Architecture and Environmental Design www.kent.edu/caed
College of Arts and Sciences www.kent.edu/cas
College of Business Administration www.kent.edu/business
College of Communication and Information www.kent.edu/cci
College of Education, Health & Human Services www.kent.edu/ehhs
College of Nursing www.kent.edu/nursing
College of Podiatric Medicine www.kent.edu/cpm
College of Public Health www.kent.edu/publichealth
College of the Arts www.kent.edu/artscollege
Columbus Program in International Issues www.kent.edu/cpii
Computer Science www.kent.edu/cs
Courage www.kent.edu/cs/courage
Department of Biomedical Sciences www.kent.edu/biomedical
Department of English www.kent.edu/english
Department of Geography www.kent.edu/geography
Department of Geology www.kent.edu/geology
Department of History www.kent.edu/history
Department of Mathematical Sciences www.kent.edu/math
Department of Modern & Classical Language Studies www.kent.edu/mcls
Department of Pan-African Studies www.kent.edu/pas
Department of Physics www.kent.edu/cmi
Department of Political Science www.kent.edu/polisci
Department of Psychological Sciences www.kent.edu/psychology
flashLITE www.kent.edu/flashlite
GIS Health & Hazards Laboratory www.kent.edu/ghhlab
Global Circ www.kent.edu/cs/global-circ
Honors College www.kent.edu/honors
Institute for Applied Linguistics www.kent.edu/appling
Jewish Studies Program www.kent.edu/jewishstudies
Kent Blossom Music Festival www.kent.edu/blossom
Kent State Museum www.kent.edu/museum
Lemnitzer www.kent.edu/lemnitzer
Liberal Studies www.kent.edu/liberalstudies
Marching Golden Flashes www.kent.edu/mgf
NEH Summer Institute for College and University Faculty: What is Gained in Translation? www.kent.edu/neh-grant
NYC Studio www.kent.edu/fashion/NYCStudio
Office of Advising & Academic Services www.kent.edu/oaas
Office of Continuing and Distance Education www.kent.edu/cde
Online Teaching www.kent.edu/onlineteaching
Paralegal Studies www.kent.edu/paralegal
Philosophy www.kent.edu/philosophy
Police Academy www.kent.edu/policeacademy 
Porthouse Theatre www.kent.edu/porthouse
Psychological Services www.kent.edu/psych
RCET www.kent.edu/rcet 
School of Art www.kent.edu/art
School of Art Galleries www.kent.edu/galleries
School of Communication Studies www.kent.edu/comm
School of Digital Sciences www.kent.edu/dsci
School of Digital Sciences - News www.kent.edu/dsci/news
School of Fashion www.kent.edu/fashion
School of Foundations, Leadership and Administration www.kent.edu/fla
School of Journalism and Mass Communication www.kent.edu/jmc
School of Library & Information Science www.kent.edu/slis
School of Music www.kent.edu/music
School of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies www.kent.edu/ehhs/tlcs
School of Theatre and Dance www.kent.edu/theatredance
School of Visual Communication Design (IdeaBase) www.kent.edu/vcd
School of Health Sciences www.kent.edu/ehhs/hs
School of Lifespan Development and Educational Services www.kent.edu/ehhs/ldes
Sociology www.kent.edu/sociology
SOLE www.kent.edu/sole
Summer Sessions www.kent.edu/summer
Teleproductions www.kent.edu/teleproductions
The Center for Public Policy and Health www.kent.edu/cpph
Traveling Stanzas www.kent.edu/travelingstanzas
University College (and affiliated programs) www.kent.edu/universitycollege
Virginia Hamilton Conference www.kent.edu/virginiahamiltonconference
Washington Program in International Issues www.kent.edu/wpni
What's Up www.kent.edu/whatsup
Wick Poetry Center www.kent.edu/wick
Writing Commons www.kent.edu/writingcommons


Accounts Payable www.kent.edu/accountspayable
Accreditation, Assessment and Learning www.kent.edu/provost/accreditation-assessment-and-learning
Blackstone LaunchPad www.kent.edu/blackstonelaunchpad
Board of Trustees www.kent.edu/bot
Business & Administrator Services Forum www.kent.edu/bas
Business & Finance www.kent.edu/business-finance
Center for Teaching and Learning www.kent.edu/ctl
Centers & Institutes http://www.kent.edu/cas/centers-institutes
Commencement www.kent.edu/commencement
Compliance & Risk Management (includes Fire Prevention) www.kent.edu/compliance
Controller's Office www.kent.edu/controller
COSO www.kent.edu/coso
Curriculum Services www.kent.edu/provost/curriculum-services
Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion www.kent.edu/diversity
Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs www.kent.edu/emsa
Division of Research www.kent.edu/research
Draime Estate Gardens www.kent.edu/horticulture
Facilities Planning & Operations www.kent.edu/facilitiesplanning
Faculty Affairs www.kent.edu/facultyaffairs
Faculty Appreciation Week www.kent.edu/facultyweek
Faculty Senate www.kent.edu/provost/faculty-senate
Flash Survey www.kent.edu/flashsurvey
FlashPort www.kent.edu/flashport
Foundations of Excellence www.kent.edu/kent/foundations-excellence
General Counsel www.kent.edu/generalcounsel
Global Education www.kent.edu/globaleducation
Government & Community Relations www.kent.edu/gcr
Government Relations www.kent.edu/gcr
GPS www.kent.edu/gps
Grants Accounting www.kent.edu/grantsaccounting
Health Sciences www.kent.edu/ehhs/hs
Human Resources www.kent.edu/hr
Information Services www.kent.edu/is
Institutional Advancement www.kent.edu/advancement
Institutional Research www.kent.edu/ir
Internal Audit www.kent.edu/internal-audit
KASADA www.kent.edu/kasada
Kent State Magazine www.kent.edu/magazine
LGBT Studies Minor www.kent.edu/lgbt
LGBTQ Center www.kent.edu/lgbtq
Lifespan Development and Educational Services www.kent.edu/ehhs/ldes
Mail Services www.kent.edu/mailservices
Master of Public Administration www.kent.edu/polisci/mpa
May 4 Newsroom www.kent.edu/may4/newsroom
Office of the President (including Listening Tours) www.kent.edu/president
Office of the Provost www.kent.edu/provost
Office of the University Architect www.kent.edu/universityarchitect
Payroll www.kent.edu/payroll
Policy Register www.kent.edu/policyreg
Procurement www.kent.edu/procurement
School of Foundations, Leadership and Administration  www.kent.edu/ehhs/fla 
School of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies  www.kent.edu/ehhs/tlcs 
Step Up and Speak Out www.kent.edu/stepupspeakout
Student Ambassadors www.kent.edu/ambassadors
Student Multicultural Center www.kent.edu/smc
Supplier Diversity www.kent.edu/procurement/diversity
Sustainability www.kent.edu/sustainability
Tax Services (Formerly - Tax Compliance) www.kent.edu/tax
Tech Prep www.kent.edu/techprep
The Center for Corporate and Professional Development www.kent.edu/yourtrainingpartner
Transfer Center www.kent.edu/transfercenter
United Way www.kent.edu/unitedway
University Ceremonies www.kent.edu/ceremonies
University Communications & Marketing (includes Web Team) www.kent.edu/ucm
University Council on Technology www.kent.edu/uct
University Facilities Management www.kent.edu/ufm
University Libraries http://www.library.kent.edu
University Relations www.kent.edu/ur
University Requirements Curriculum Committee www.kent.edu/urcc
University Teaching Council www.kent.edu/utc
Upward Bound Programs www.kent.edu/upwardboundprogram
Women's Center www.kent.edu/womenscenter
Women's Studies www.kent.edu/womens-studies