My parent/guardian/advocate contacted the One Stop but the staff were unable to speak to them. Why not?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Students can complete the FERPA Authorization, allowing One Stop Staff to speak with a Parent/Guardian/Advocate regarding a student’s account. The student must complete the following steps before a Parent/Guardian/Advocate can contact the One Stop for Student Services. 

  1. Log into FlashLine  at 
  2. Select Student from the main menu. 
  3. Under Resources, select Requests and Authorizations. 
  4. Go to third Tab in the first column, “Grant Online FERPA Authorization” 
  5. Student must click Add New FERPA Release button. 
  6. Student must complete all of the required fields.
  7. The Passphrase will be used to identify the grantee when contacting staff by phone. 
    1. The email address will be used to notify the grantee of the passphrase that has been created by the student. 
  8. Student will receive online confirmation. In addition, an email confirmation is sent to both the student grantor and the grantee. 
  9. To resend a passphrase to the grantee, the student must click the Resend Passphrase button.
  10. To revoke a release, the student must click Revoke Release button. An email confirmation will be sent to the student and the grantee.