Internal Content, Printing, One Stop Launch

Hi, Drupalites,

We have a few important announcements for you.  Of particular importance, is the update related to your role in supporting improved search efforts.

Search: It Is Every Webmaster’s Responsibility: Your First Role in Improving Search Relies on ADHERING to NEW Internal Content Instructions

The previous method of hiding content from search results when a user initiated a search from a website was to create a basic page with internal in its title and _internal in its URL.  

For example, an internal page in the UCM site would be  

A new content type, Internal Basic Page, has been added to Drupal to replace this method, while also going a step further and excluding internal content from external search engines.  The internal basic page should be used from here forward to create internal content.  There is no longer a need to add internal to the title or to add _internal to the URL.

Updated instructions are available in the Drupal Training Manual.

Existing internal pages with _internal in its URL will eventually be converted to an internal basic page.  If needed, please update your internal content to contain _internal in its URL, otherwise they will not be converted and may be displayed in external search engine results.

Note: Additional search improvement support will be required by department webmasters. Please watch for future guidance and updates. As with the redesign, we look forward to your valuable contributions to the search improvement initiative. 

Other Search Enhancements Launched This Morning


Our continued effort to make search more effective is reflected via the following updates, which are live as of today:

  • Search results can now be filtered by content type. You can now refine your search by Web Page, News, Event and Extended Profile.  The default view will display all content types with keyword matches listed first with a blue border. Keyword matches can be hidden by selecting the Hide Keyword Results.
  • The ability to submit search feedback is now available.  Simply select the Feedback button to submit an idea or comment.

Better Web Page Printing Has Been Enabled, Part 1

Drupal editors can now print a page while logged in without the admin navigation appearing. Other updates to our print style are coming soon, please let us know if have any issues printing a specific content type or if you think that certain fields in a content type should be blocked from printing. Also, be sure to include the URL and/or node ID.

One Stop Going Live, the Launch Team May Need to Update a Few Links on Your Website

On Monday, June 5, One Stop, referred to as One Stop for Student Services, will be live and ready for online visitors.  University Communications and Marketing is conducting an audit of for Financial Aid, Bursar and Registrar and will make updates to the sites, so they refer to the One Stop website. Once identified, the launch team will make necessary link updates on June 5-6.  Related contact information will also be updated.  Please be sure to link to the new site, rather than the independent business unit sites, effective June 5. To do so, use /node/546011.

If you have any questions, please contact Lin Danes at

Thank you and have a good week,

Web team

POSTED: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 3:40pm
UPDATED: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 - 2:08pm