KSU Drupal Editor Update: Redesign Update, Freshness Reminder, Media Gallery Update, Formatting Titles

Changes to the New Kent State Home Page: Impacts Your Website Header

On Tuesday, Aug. 7, when www.kent.edu or a Regional Campus home page is accessed, the university community and other website visitors will notice a simpler home page, with an increased focus on student recruitment. A university-wide launch announcement will appear in e-Inside next week. We are sharing this information ahead of the university announcement with you because of the direct impact to your website.

In the meantime, we wanted you to know that, as part of this project, the redesign team was able to roll in new, shorter mastheads for your department websites, thus putting more information above the fold, or higher on the browser screen.

Screenshot of Kent State header

In a snapshot, the modification features an icon-based utility bar. Rest assured, pop up text labels will display on the hover for each of these icons, including the FlashLine login, the calendars page with access to the academic calendar, the online directory, maps and directions, and search.

All enhancements folded into this university-wide masthead revision were tested with prospective students and parents, as well as current faculty and staff, representative of the entire university community. Questions? Email ldanes@kent.edu.

Freshness Reminders - Don’t Forget that Web Update Again!

A new Freshness Reminder notification is now available. Take advantage of this feature to set reminder notifications on dates when important facts, figures and even personnel changes should be reflected on your website. When you add a Freshness Reminder to your page, you will receive an email reminder about the necessary update. Knowing you might not have time at that moment to make the update, you can access a list of your Freshness Reminders when you next login to make website edits. This list of reminders is available from the black menu bar at the top of your website.
Screenshot of freshness reminder in menu bar

If the reminder was emailed but the page is pending updates, the reminder will be displayed with a red background.  If a page with a Freshness Reminder is edited, the reminder date will need to be removed or updated prior to re-saving the page. We encourage you to make use of this valuable tool, we plan to!

How to add a Freshness Reminder

Add a Freshness Reminder to your page/node by selecting the Freshness Reminder option and completing the Email, Date and Notes fields.

Screenshot of Freshness reminder fields:  Email, Date and Notes

Media Gallery Update



An update has been made to the Photo Media Gallery.  This update loads the images one-by-one when selected rather than the entire gallery when the page is viewed.  Photo Media Galleries can now contain a larger quantity of images eliminating the need for large galleries to link to Flickr for viewing:

The owl carousel now displays thumbnail images of the photos in the slideshow under the photo being viewed.  The grid view displays the images one at a time. The arrows to move forward and back are currently centered on the inside edge of the image.

Learn how to add a Media Gallery

Visit the Web Editor’s Reference Guide page for more tips >>

Download the full Web Editor Quick Reference Guide (Google Doc) >>

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POSTED: Monday, August 6, 2018 - 2:19pm
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