Redesign Reminder and Training Opportunities

Hi, Drupalites,

We haven’t received very many home page selections yet, so we are sending out a friendly follow up. Please take time to make your redesign selection for your home page at your earliest convenience!

REDESIGN Template Selections Due by July 19 (But the Sooner the Better)!

By Tuesday, July 19, the Kent State redesign team needs you and your team to choose  your department’s new home page template and elements via the University Communications and Marketing (UCM) web site’s newly launched Web Redesign Resources section and the online form you will access there. When you get to the new web page: 

  • Scroll to the “Design Your Home Page” portion of the page and:
    • View department website templates and modules
    • Submit your department website template and module selections via our online intake form
    • Sign up for template selection intake sessions, only if you need assistance (we are offering two per week through July 19)

Please note: the redesign team will begin building department home pages in mid-August and continue through early October. You will be notified when work on your website begins and also made aware of a tentative review date.


Web Accessibility Training Now Available

This new training session has been created to improve the user experience for Kent State’s website visitors.  We must always keep usability and accessibility in mind. Taking certain steps to ensure equal information for all is a win-win for the university and all our website visitors. Additionally, it is an effort that helps us comply with Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a federal law enforced by the Department of Education requiring our site be accessible to those with disabilities, including those sight or mobility limitations. Please learn how a few simple steps will make our website accessible for all. 

Open Lab Sessions

Open labs are available monthly if you need help with Drupal, Siteimprove, Google Analytics, Web Accessibility or creating web accessible documents.  You can come and go during the session as your needs and availability dictate, but we do want to ensure there's a need for the session and enough staff for those attending.

Register for Web Accessibility Training or an Open Lab Session

If you have any questions, please contact Lin Danes at offline so that she can triage the inquiry and route to the appropriate team member for a timely response.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,

Web Team Members

Bryan Bassett
Marianne Cohol
Lin Danes
Rob DiVincenzo
Nate Druss
Doug Flower
Tori Grubbs
Sameer Jaleel
Ian McCullough
Anne Palmieri
Tim Priester
Sara Smith
Scott Stillisano
Megan Wilburn

POSTED: Thursday, June 30, 2016 12:46 PM
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