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Profiles and Extended Profiles

There are two content types, Profile and Extended Profile. Both must be created for a profile to appear in a profile listing. 

  1. Profile - A Profile contains the basic information about an employee. Only one is needed per person.
  2. Extended Profile - An Extended Profile contains department specific information. A person can have multiple Extended Profiles. One is needed for each department listing.

Step 1 - Create a Profile

Create a Profile by going to Group Actions>Create Content>Profile.  Complete the form to create a new profile. Only one Profile per person should be created.  It must be created first, because the Extended Profile requires it for a connection.

  • Full Name* - enter the person's full name - this field connects a person's Profile with their Extended Profile(s)
  • Photo - ​Select the browse button to upload a headshot.  The dimensions required are 500 x 750 pixels; files must be less than 1MB; allowed file types include png, gif, jpg, and jpeg. You can find many headshots in the Kent State photo archive.
  • First Name*
  • Last Name*
  • Work Email - will show on all Extended Profiles
  • Work Phone - will show on all Extended Profiles
    • list phone numbers using university style, i.e. 330-672-1234
  • Personal Email - currently not feeding into any views
  • Website -  title and URL fields are provided - will appear on all Extended Profiles
  • Personal Phone - currently not feeding into any views
    • list phone numbers using university style, i.e. 330-672-1234
  • Education - Multiple entries are available - will appear on all Extended Profiles
  • Bio Summary - Summary of Bio (shown when Teaser is selected in the view)
  • Bio Body - Bio Information - will appear on all Extended Profiles
  • Campus - ignore - this will be entered on the Extended Profile
  • Job Title - ignore - this will be entered on the Extended Profile
  • Job Departmentignore - this will be entered on the Extended Profile
  • Employee Type  ignore - this will be entered on the Extended Profile
  • Office Numberignore - this will be entered on the Extended Profile
  • Office Location -  ignore - this will be entered on the Extended Profile
  • Office Hours- ignore - this will be entered on the Extended Profile
  • Work Fax -  ignore - this will be entered on the Extended Profile
  • Publications - Publications should be recent publications only. Multiple entries are available. They will appear on all Extended Profiles.
  • Affiliations - Enter affiliations as a comma separated list. They will appear on all Extended Profiles.
  • Awards Achievements -  Multiple entries are available. They will appear on all Extended Profiles.
  • Documents - Where you can upload a CV.​ It will appear on all Extended Profiles.
    • Documents - File types accepted include txt, pdf, doc or docx.
  • Expertise  - Combines the previous separate research and expertise areas into one section. They will appear on all Extended Profiles.
  • Awards/Achievements - Multiple entries are available. They will appear on all Extended Profiles.
  • Groups audience - the profile will be added to the group you are logged into. One person can be affiliated with multiple groups but only one Profile needs created.

Be sure to remove your user name from the author field located in the Authoring information section (tabbed setting area at the bottom of the page), otherwise you will not be able to create more than one profile.

Select the Save button to save the profile.

Step 2 - Create an Extended Profile

Extended Profiles provide additional information about a person, specific to their role in a specific department. It is required for a person's profile to appear in a department listing. A person should have an Extended Profile for every department listing they wish to be included in. It is required that a Profile is created first, because the Extended Profile requires it to connect them.  Complete the form as it relates to this group's listing.

To create an Extended Profile by going to Group Actions>Create Content>Extended Profile.  Complete the form to create a new extended profile.

  • Group Audience - The group is pre-selected and should not be changed.  This Extended Profile will display in this group's profile listings, once connected with the person's Profile (via the Profile Reference field)
  • Title* - Enter how the person's full name should be displayed.
  • Profile Reference* - Once you begin to enter the person's profile full name, you will see options listed.  Select the correct name.  If it does not appear a Profile must be created first (see step 1). If more than one appears, please submit a ticket requesting they be merged.
  • Job Title* - Once you begin to enter a title, you will see related keywords options listed.  Select the correct title or enter a new one.
  • Additional Information - The information entered in this field will display below the Profile body copy (entered on the person's profile - step 1) and should be specific to this listing.
  • Campus Location - Select the correct option.
  • Job Department -  Begin to enter the department, you will see keyword related options listed.  Select the correct one.
  • Employee Type - Select the correct option.
  • Office Number - Enter the physical office number of your location.
  • Office Location - Begin to enter your building name, you will see keyword related options listed.  Select the correct one.
  • Office Hours 
  • Work Fax - please use university style, i.e. 330-672-1234

In order for the new profile to sort alphabetically the Weight needs to be changed from none to 0 (zero).

Editing Profiles and Extended Profiles

If a person wants to edit their own profile, they must first confirm they have logged into their Drupal Dashboard using their FlashLine user name and password. Their FlashLine user name will not be accepted in the Author field until they do. Both their Profile and their Extended Profile(s) will need the author field updated. Once added, they will be able to edit their profile content from their dashboard.

Create a Page to View the Extended Profiles

Once the extended profiles are created you will create a new basic page and then:

  • Click Customize this page from the black bar at the bottom.
  • Select the + (plus sign) from the body column block.
  • Select View Panes from the left menu.
  • From the list select View: Profiles: Group Extended Profiles (this option will create a feed to show all profiles from your group).
  • Enter your group node ID number in (the node ID of your group’s home page) the OG membership: Group ID field.
  • Select the fields you want to display on you feed.
  • Enter the maximum number of profiles that you want to appear on a page (additional pages will be created if needed).
  • Select the Save button from the bottom black bar (note, you may not see the feed until after you save the page).

When viewing the profile page, users are able to search by employee type.  If you want to separate them, links can be added to your menu to show only one Employee Type.  For example, if your department has Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students and Deans, your menu could be setup to list each of them separately.  Please submit a support ticket if you would like your profiles setup like this for your group.  Be sure to include all the employee types that should be listed.

Don't forget to save your work!

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