Tables | Kent State University

A style has been added to Drupal that will automatically arrange the table headers along the left side and will allow a phone user to scroll through the columns horizontally on the right. It also ensures the tables will stretch to 100% of the block in which it resides.

Tables should not be used to format a page; they do not perform well responsively. Please see Changing a Basic Page Layout page for complete instructions on how to change a page layout.

The Long tables of information with many columns will flow off the edge of the screen on phones, and will not be able to be viewed. Additionally, more than one paragraph should not be entered into a cell. The format will not appear correctly on phones.  Instead, split the information into an additional row or column or remove the information from a table and place it in a location without formatting limitations. 

Table phone view screenshot

In order for the style to take effect, you must select First Row as the Headers option.

Table properties

These table properties are available by right clicking in the table where the actions is desired:

  • Insert cell before or after
  • Delete cell
  • Split or merge cell
  • Insert row or column either before or after another row or column
  • Delete a row or column
  • Delete table
  • Table properties