Upload a PDF document, Word document, or Excel file

All files uploaded to the website must comply with federal web accessibility laws, which requires them to be formatted and saved so assistive technology can translate the information. Using PDF, PowerPoint or Word files for text that could easily appear as part of a web page, should be a web page.  Additionally, adding PDFs such as meeting minutes or agendas to your website is discouraged.  The website is for information that is visible to the public, not as a place to organize and store internal documents.  These files can be stored in a Google Drive folder and shared as needed.

  • ALWAYS determine first if it needs to be an uploaded file vs. web page content.
  • If your piece will be posted to the Kent State website as a document (PDF or Word), please ask the vendor to prepare the file in an accessible format at the start of the project to keep the cost down vs. backtracking the make the file accessible, which could drive up the rate.

If you do need to upload a PDF file, please follow these basic guidelines

  • PDF documents must be web accessible; this is a federal law.  If it is not, it must have an equivalent web page in html. There must be a way for assistive technology to translate the page.
  • PDF files should only be used for forms or documents that are meant to be printed.
  • The file type must be in parenthesis and added to the end of link that leads to the file.  For example, a PDF file would have a link similar to Department Document (PDF).

To upload a file select Group Actions options select File from the Create Content options.  

  1. Name the file in the Title field.
  2. Select Browse to locate and select the file to upload on your local computer.
  3. Click the Save button.
  4. Link to the node ID of this file.
    1. When a user clicks the link the file will open. The node ID will not change if the file that is uploaded is updated.  This allows the file to be replaced while keeping the same node ID.  Broken links will be prevented.