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Web Redesign Resources

Kent State University is moving forward with the website redesign transition this summer and fall.

This redesign, spearheaded by branding agency 160over90, will work to align Kent State’s online presence with the university’s new brand. The initiative will encompass all of Kent State’s websites, including the institutional website, as well as websites for Regional Campuses, individual colleges, academic departments and the university administration. 160over90 is working alongside a Kent State team, a joint effort by the Division of Information Services and University Communications and Marketing.

redesign  Introduction PowerPoint   Redesign Update Sept. 7

Note Important Dates

  • Friday, July 22 - deadline for site admins to select their website home page design
  • Sunday, Jan. 8 - institutional and departmental websites will be launched with the new branding

View the entire timeline

Stay Informed

Updates will be provided in e-Inside as well as communicated to Drupal editors through listserv emails.

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Design Your Homepage

Step 1 - Make Design Decisions

Follow these two steps and access mock ups of templates and elements that are available to create your new homepage. Please be aware, making design decisions prior to filling out the intake form will make completing the form much easier. It is recommended that you jot down your preferred template and any elements that you would like removed from that option as you scan the mock ups. If you see an element from another template that you would like to add or use instead of one on your preferred template, make note of that too.

  1. Review and select one of the five Departmental Homepage Base Templates. The templates can be modified to display elements of your choice. When selecting a template, select the one that contains the majority of the elements you want displayed on your homepage. Remember, an element can be excluded or swapped with another one.
    1. Optional: Review the Full Element Library to determine which, if any, additional elements should be added to your home page. If your selection is fine as is, skip this step.
  2. Although we do recommend use of the Traditional color schema, pre-defined color groupings from secondary and tertiary color palettes are an option. View the default and various color palette options.

Step 2 - Submit your Design Selections

By Friday, July 22, have one representative for your site complete the Template Selection Form. Note: if a template is not selected your site will be built with Template 5, which includes a header, body copy and call to action links only. If assistance is needed, in-person Intake Sessions are available weekly in the library.

Submit the Template Selection Form

​Step 3 - finalize the design

A University Communications & Marketing (UCM) web team member will contact you when your website is ready to review. After you have been contacted by a UCM web team member, you may choose to either review your site independently and provide feedback via our Google doc system, as instructed, or register for an in-person review session with a team member. We will need your approval that your website is approved for launch as it has been built when the Jan. 8 launch date arrives. Please do not register for a session until you have been contacted by UCM.

REGISTER FOR A Review SESSION   Website Approval Form

Step 4 - Drupal Training for site maintenance

A schedule will be created prior to the new site launch.  A listserv email will be sent when it becomes available.