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Website Redesign Important Dates

Important dates relating to the Kent State 2016 Website Redesign project.

Updates will be communicated through the Drupalites listserv.


Late April

Stakeholder presentations began with cabinet members, deans, directors and chairs were in attendance, among others.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Deadline to design your homepage variation and element selections.*

Steps to design your homepage     Submit Your Selections

June - July

Templates and code under development by 160over90.

Mid July - September

New website is being built by KSU web team.

Fall 2016

  • Transition to new templates by KSU web team.
  • KSU web team will rebuild department home pages and notify clients of need to review.
  • Client review, feedback and approvals.
  • A content freeze will take place. Edits will be possible, but should be minimal to prevent the need to duplicate efforts.
  • Continue client review, feedback and approvals.
  • Testing and debugging by KSU web redesign team.
  • Institutional and departmental websites will be launched with the new branding.

November 2016 +

Attend future Drupal training, as necessary.