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Dedicated to promoting dialogue and interaction with all campus constituencies concerned with the pursuit of equity and equality, the Women's Centers provides collaborative outreach and support services to the Kent community and beyond.

Why give to the Women’s Center?

Since it’s inception in 2003, 26 Women’s Center Scholarship recipients have been awarded over $11,350 due to the support and generosity of community members such as you!

Health and wellness programming, crisis-intervention counseling, the food pantry, bi-annual mammograms, and advocacy for a healthy and safe campus environment are several of the initiatives made available by the Women's Center for all female and female-identifying faculty, staff and students.

Be a part of this outreach and education and voice your commitment to the center.

I would like to Voice Commitment by--

  • Donating to the Women's Cener or the Women's Center Endowed Scholarship Fund. Follow this link:
  • $20 payroll deduction supports ongoing educational programming and advocacy
  • $200 donation purchases a science, technology, engineering or math textbook plus a related lab manual for a student in a three-credit course
  • $2000 creates financial sponsorship for four months of housing for a student who finds herself without safe and clean housing mid-semester, a circumstance that otherwise could disrupt her path to graduation.
  • Collaborating with the Women’s Center on an upcoming, speaker event or outreach opportunity. Contact Us!
  • Signing up your office to "adopt" the pantry for a semester to keep the shelves stocked or donate as an individual.