WPNI Experience

In this section, you can find some helpful downloads about WPNI as you consider applying to the program, or for use on the program itself as you participate:

  • The WPNI general program syllabus
  • The Cultural Heritage syllabus. This course is an optional 2-semester-unit part of WPNI. The American Cultural Heritage Program introduces students to the variety and wealth of cultural institutions in Washington, DC. This program includes visits to exhibits, museums, cultural performances and historical sites. Written papers based on these experiences are required for successful completion of this portion of this program. The Cultural Heritage Program is optional, but highly recommended.
  • A sample journal done by a WPNI student.
  • A sample resume for potential use on WPNI.
  • Movies in Washington List of movies based in Washington DC. 
  • 2019 Internship list. Check out the current list of students and their internships.
  • WPNI 2021 application