Attendance and Late Policies

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The Writing Commons has a "No Show" policy to encourage in-person and online Google chat attendance.  Writers will be marked as a "No Show" if they are late by 10 minutes or more, in order to give other writers a chance for Walk-In appointments. If you know ahead of time you might be late, contact the Office Assistant at (330) 672-1787 or at to notify him or her, and your tutor will still be able to work with you for the remaining time.   

Please be sure to bring your FLASHCard ID with you for each in-person session you attend for identification purposes.  Click here for more information about Kent State University's FLASHCard User Agreement.  

After missing two appointments, students will be blocked from scheduling additional appointments that semester. However, students can still work with tutors on a walk-in basis. Please contact us at (330) 672-1787 or at if you have any questions about this policy.

Note: If you cannot make it to your appointment and withdraw yourself from your sessions within 24 hours of your session the scheduling system will mark you as a "No Show," which cannot be undone.  This is due to the scheduling software that we are unable to change.  To avoid this, withdraw yourself a day or two before your session, or call the Writing Commons at (330) 672-1787 and one of our Office Assistants will withdraw you without penalty.  

Remember that you are not required to come to the Writing commons for an Online Writing Lab appointment.

For Group Sessions:

All group members should be listed when signing up for the session, even those not attending.  Not all group members are required to attend the session, but the group member who scheduled the session MUST be present for the session to occur, even if all other group members have shown up.  All group members should bring their FLASHCards to attend the session.