Double Entry Journals for Active Reading


What it is: Actively involves you in reading and encourages close reading.

Sentences from Article                    

"Some will ask the animal's advice, then pause to let the dog respond."


Reader’s Thoughts:

That's very interesting.  I often ask my dog for advice, too.  Sometimes, if I met something hard to say to my parents, I often say to my dog, and ask my dog for help.  My dog is very clever.  They might know when I was happy and when I was upset.  I could get some comfort from my dog.  If he know I was upset, he will sway his tail, his movements are very funny.


1.  Fold a piece of paper in half, lengthwise.

2.  In the left hand column, write a phrase or sentence from the selection that was particularly meaningful to you, along with the page number.

3.  In the right hand column, react to the passage by writing personal responses to the quotes on the left. The entry may include a comment, a question, a connection made, or an analysis.

4.  You can share their responses with the class or literature discussion group.


What it does: The Double-Entry Journal strategy enables you to record your responses to text as you read. Write down phrases or sentences from their assigned reading and then write your own reaction to that passage. The purpose of this strategy is to give you the opportunity to express your thoughts and become actively involved with the material you read.


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