General Questions

Our Promise to You

We recognize that writing development takes time and a lot of hard work.  We promise you that if you work with us regularly and make a commitment to improving, you will become a more productive and successful writer!

We are Here to Help

Your tutor will focus on helping you develop processes and strategies that will transfer to other writing you will do in your future, not just to the project you bring in.  Rather than tell you one right way to write your project, your tutor will help you understand what writing assignments are asking you to do, as well as how to choose and apply strategies to accomplish your goals in a piece of writing.  Your tutor will help you learn to research, draft, develop, and organize your writing. Your tutor will show you how to use reader feedback to revise; and how to use resources to edit, proofread, and format your work in a way that is appropriate for your reading audience.

How do I schedule a session?

You can schedule a session online or call us during our normal business hours at 330-672-1787. You may schedule appointments throughout the semester, but are limited to one session per day.  This "one-session-per-day" limitation applies to groups of students working on group projects as well as to individuals working on individual projects.  Please be sure to bring your KSU Flashcard ID with you for identification purposes. Check out Kent State University's FLASHcard User Agreement for more information. 

What should I expect to happen during my session?

During your session, you and your tutor will work together to accomplish the goals you set at the start of the session itself. Typically, sessions involve you reading your paper aloud while a tutor helps you identify some areas in your writing for revision. Sessions can also be spent brainstorming, learning how to edit, or accomplishing other writing and revising tasks. We can address any writing-related concerns you may have during your session.

How long will my session last?

Sessions are scheduled for up to 45 minutes. The actual length will vary according to what you hope to accomplish during the session itself.

How do I let my instructor know I went to the Writing Commons?

When you schedule an appointment, you can specify that you would like your instructor to receive a report. By choosing this option, you give the tutor the right to send your teacher notes about what occurred during the session.

Can I get help with any writing I bring?

We will help you with any of your own writing, whether that writing is for a class or not.  We cannot, however, work with you on writing you yourself did not produce.

Will the Writing Commons write, revise, edit, or proofread my writing for me?

Everyone at the university must be confident that students are producing and revising their own material, and we can teach you how to do the work for yourself. The Writing Commons is a teaching service, not an editing service. 

Where is the Writing Commons located?

We are located on the 4th floor of the Library. Take two left turns off the elevator or just one left turn from the stairs.

Who can use the Writing Commons?

The Writing Commons is open to all Kent State University students from any campus, in any program, at any level.

Who can use the computers in the Writing Commons?

The computer lab in the Writing Commons is an open lab during our normal business hours. Printing is available on the first floor. The computers are equipped with Microsoft Office '07 (Word, PowerPoints, Publisher, and Excel) as well as Audacity for editing sound files. The lab is for school work and should be used according to school computer use policy.

Does the Writing Commons take appointments or receive online/e-mail requests between semesters?

Unfortunately the Writing Commons is unable to assist KSU students when it is closed.  Since we are primarily student run and staffed, the Writing Commons opens and closes following academic calendars. It is a good idea to note in the hours of operation portion of the website the dates of operation so you won't mistakenly try to contact us and receive no response.  We try to help as many students as possible but simply cannot do so between semesters.