Verb Form Grammar Tutorial Worksheet

Verb Form Grammar Tutorial Worksheet

For the Tutor

Some verbs are limited by the forms they can combine with. For example, some verbs are followed by infinitives, as in “I agreed to review the article.” Other verbs are followed by gerunds, as in “Do you deny telling her that?” Some verbs can be followed by infinitives or gerunds, as in “Lixin likes skiing or Lixin likes to ski.” A more limited list of verbs is followed by the base form, as in “Let me help you carry that.”

This type of verb formation is not rule based but must be learned through careful listening and reading, emphasizing the point that much of grammar is illogical and harder to master than native English speakers may realize. Because of the difficulty that ESL writers may find in mastering this, a tutoring session may be limited to focusing on just one or two of these verbs at a time. Although the slow pace may be frustrating for both tutor and tutee, such sessions are valuable nonetheless.

For the ESL Writer


Study the verbs below that must be followed by infinitives, gerunds, or either infinitives or gerunds:

INFINITIEVES                              GERUNDS                                       EITHER INFINITIVES                   BASE FORM

                                                                                                            OR GERUNDS                            


agree                                          deny                                               like                                              let

offer                                           finish                                              try                                               have

decide                                        suggest                                          begin                                          make

hope                                           dislike                                             remember

plan                                            discuss                                            start



  • Aradhna began study chemistry in high school. (incorrect)
  • Aradhna began to study chemistry in high school. (correct)
  • Aradhna began studying chemistry in high school. (correct)

In the above example, the verb began must be followed by either an infinitive or a gerund.


  • Dhiren hopes finding the bookstore before he goes back to the dorms. (incorrect)
  • Dhiren hopes to find the bookstore before he goes back to the dorms. (correct)

In the above example, the verb hope must be followed by an infinitive.

Correct the following:


  • Svetlana plans finish her degree by 2015.
  • Kauluna’s and Silman’s relatives suggest to plan a June wedding.
  • Giovanni remembers ride an elephant when he was younger.
  • Yumi makes her sister to do her homework every night.
  • Luu tries run for 30 minutes every day.




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