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Young Life

Young Life is a world-wide non-profit Christian organization serving students that is established on the foundation of building relationships in hopes of earning the right to be able to share about God's love revealed in the person of Jesus.


YL College Club-
A weekly time to meet other people, have fun, and hear a message. If you are familiar with Young Life, some aspects of this will seem familiar and others different. It can arrange in feel from a party, to a trivia night, to a concert, and anything in between.

Fall Semester Fellowship-
Tailored for incoming freshman, this is a biweekly time through the Fall for students to develop deeper community and look at transitioning into life here at Kent in the context of exploring Jesus.

Smaller discipleship-focused groups-
A regular opportunity to form deep friendships as you walk closely alongside one another-for those serious about growing.

Camp/Service Trips-
Opportunities to step out of everyday life and experience unique adventure and opportunities. Fall and spring break trips among others.

YL College campaigners-
Weekly community of sophomores and up who gage what it looks like to have a relationship with God, have deeper community, and explore Gods calling in their lives as students at Kent.

Leadership Training-
Weekly time spent in the Spring where students engage in understanding what it could be like to give your lives away in following Jesus- this goes beyond training to be a YL leader but is expected if interested in leading.

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