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Plan, Manage and Reinforce Change

What percent of the success of your project or change initiatives’ desired outcomes is based on people changing their behavior? Do you think 70 percent, 80 percent, 90 percent? Most people will respond higher than 90 percent. If that is the case, how much effort and resources are you dedicating to changing your employees’ behavior? Chances are it is very low to none. 

According to Prosci, the world’s leader in change management research, the cost of major change initiatives has increased a hundred fold in the past 10 years to an average cost of over $10M. If projects sputter or fail all together, it becomes a costly endeavor. Prosci research also has shown the number one reason projects fail is employee resistance to change.

Kent State’s Certificate of Change Management provides you with a thorough understanding of how to lead employees through change, sell the change internally, engage your employees during the transformation and sustain the change. Using your “real-life” change initiative that you bring to the program, you’ll leave with a guide to planning your change engagement process.

Participants in the certificate program learn how to:

  • Realize How People Perceive and Approach Change
  • Plan For and Manage Your Change Effectively
  • Use the Tools Provided to Develop a Real Communications Plan for Your Change Initiative
  • Create Motivating and Engaging Environments That Support Change

These programs may be taken individually for particular skill development, or in the series to attain Kent State's Certificate of Change Management.

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“Excellent program that breaks down the change process and focuses the participants where barriers may appear and how to mitigate.”

Paul Chapman, SPHR / LEAN / OSHA Authorized Trainer, Aspen Safety LLC

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These programs can be taken as single topic events to develop one competency or you can complete all three to receive Kent State's Certificate of Change Management.

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