Coaching for Peak Performance

Coaching is a supervisory activity, which gives employees information, instructions and suggestions relevant to their job duties and performance. Successful managerial coaching also involves guiding employees' behavior toward desired organizational results. Managers who truly want their employees to be high performers must help them obtain these goals. The role of the manager/coach is to identify activities that prepare employees for greater decision-making and involvement in their jobs. It is about instilling accountability at all levels of the organization. To accomplish this, it is critical that managers both reinforce positive behavior and correct negative behaviors in a positive manner. The main objective of this program is to discuss and highlight "critical success factors" to effectively manage the most important organizational asset – its human capital.

  • The Power of Coaching
  • Coaching is Part of the Manager’s Job
  • Service on the Inside
  • Focusing Employee Performance
  • Performance Management
  • Creative Problem Solving for the 21st Century Manager
  • Trust in the Workplace

This eight-hour program is targeted for those with supervisory responsibility

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site for your employees and leaders.

Discuss Your Objectives


Scott Tackett Scott Tackett

Scott Tackett is a human resource and management training specialist. With 32 years of experience in both operations and human resource management, he was employed in a human resource capacity for 20 years for Denman Tire Corporation where he last served as vice president of human resources and administration. 

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"Scott is a very engaging presenter and is very knowledgeable about any/all of the topics he has presented to our company over the last few years."

Lisa Klembara, PC Manager, NPA Coatings