How to Sell Change

While change management planning and execution is much more than just communications, communicating effectively does play a pivotal role in engaging your workforce in a major change initiative. Internal communication efforts are important to attaining organizational change. However, turning your internal communication plans into a bigger picture internal marketing strategy is the real secret to success. After all, you are selling your employees on the change. This program will take you beyond the typical internal communication plan, raising the bar and exposing you to marketing strategies that will not just inform your employees that a change is coming, but truly engage them in it.

  • Learn the importance of effective internal marketing efforts in engaging employees in major change initiatives
  • Use tools to determine who, how large, where your audience is and how disruptive the change will be to them
  • Create targeted messages for different impacted groups of employees
  • Determine the most effective way to package your messages within the culture of your organization
  • Use the tools provided to develop a real communications plan for your change initiative

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site for your employees and leaders.

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"Change is constant in business and personal life; this program is for everyone!"

Kay Jelinek, Corporate HR Manager, Rotek

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