Leading Change in the 21st-Century Workplace

Change is expected as part of life, and the survival and growth of most organizations depends on change and innovation. However, the reality is that in the workplace most employees fear and retreat from change. Therefore, it is critical for managers and leaders to understand that the organization’s survival depends on their abilities to make fundamental changes in virtually all aspects of operations.

The focus of this training is to discuss the introduction and implementation of change from a management perspective. Clearly, in today’s 21st century workplace, it is the leader who has the major role in affecting change. The success or failure of any change is related to the manager’s ability to anticipate, deal with and address resistance to change.

  • Leading Change
  • The Change-adept Organization
  • Utilize Three Effective Management Tools for Moving Forward with Change
  • Practical Management Skills and Tactics Necessary to Make the Change Permanent
  • Recognize and Avoid Leadership Mistakes

This eight-hour program is targeted for those with supervisory responsibility.

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site for your employees and leaders.

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Scott Tackett Scott Tackett

Scott Tackett is a human resource and management training specialist. With 32 years of experience in both operations and human resource management, he was employed in a human resource capacity for 20 years for Denman Tire Corporation where he last served as vice president of human resources and administration. 

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"Third or fourth class with Scott. A great teacher."

Monte Scholl, Cleaning Room Superintendent, Elyria Foundry