Managing Change Projects

Change management and project management are two complementary processes. For a change effort to be successful, many areas of the organization need to work together to make sure the structure and resources are in place to facilitate a successful change initiative. The discipline of project management provides the processes and tools to make sure the change is developed, designed and delivered effectively to all stakeholders. When project management and change management are integrated, the following benefits are realized:

  • A Singular Objective is Identified
  • The Stakeholders are Identified and Their Concerns are Addressed
  • A Well-thought-out Plan Identifies the Right Steps to be Taken at the Right Time
  • The Approach Facilitates Commitment and Buy-in for the Change
  • The Flow of Information is Improved
  • Impacted Stakeholders Receive the Appropriate Messages
  • The Organization Receives Effective Feedback on the Adoption, Usage and Reaction to the Change

This half-day program will provide you with a review of the process associated with managing projects and address some of the specific elements of managing a change project from initiation to close out.

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site for your employees and leaders.

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Bob Jewell Bob Jewell

Bob Jewell has 36 years of hands-on experience managing and consulting on engineering, operational and strategic projects. His project experience ranges from the fabrication of hydro-electric turbines to the development of an open-heart surgery program and startup of a new aircraft engine repair facility. 

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