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Anthropology as a discipline is more relevant today than at any time in its distinguished history.

Anthropology is the academic discipline that studies humans holistically through an interdisciplinary lens. It combines science with humanities, biology with culture, history with prehistory and primates with language. It is by definition concerned with human diversity and the Anthropology department at Kent State University has provided primary leadership within academia in researching this important domain.

Anthropology trains students to think critically, write clearly and speak thoughtfully about what it means to be human. Methodologically, we emphasize both quantitative and qualitative evaluation and train students to go beyond the statistics.

By focusing on the complex linkages among the three subfields of Anthropology: Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology and Biological Anthropology—and by emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary teamwork, we prepare students to survive in an increasingly multidisciplinary and multicultural world.


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Graduate student Emily Munger was awarded an NSF EAPSI grant to study at the Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University in Japan this summer. Read her weekly updates.

Graduate student Morgan Chaney received funding for his Master's thesis research through experiment com- read about his summer in the Costa Rican wilderness here!

Dr. Owen Lovejoy


"Ardi" Research at KSU Dr. C. Owen Lovejoy, University Professor of Anthropology publishes as co-discoverer and Lead Author of Ardipithecus.