Bachelor of Integrative Studies

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The Bachelor of Integrative Studies (BIS; formerly General Studies) degree is a College of Arts & Sciences non-major degree which provides maximum freedom for the student who wishes to take an interdisciplinary and creative approach to the design of an educational program while maintaining a focus on career or professional goals. The BIS is an individualized program in which the student, rather than a faculty department, undertakes the responsibility for the research and design of his or her own degree program (minimum of 30 future credit hours). Students choose a minimum of three academic departments in which to select courses to develop a rationale for the way in which these courses are supportive of their career goals.

There are two concentrations: General and Three minors:

General Concentration:

  • Minimum of 30 hours from three programs, one of which must be housed in the College of Arts and Sciences (e.g., CACM, Criminology and Justice Studies)
  • Minimum of 15 (of 30) hours in College of Arts and Sciences programs, 9 hours of which must be upper division
  • A minimum of one half of the 30 hours must be new courses, resulting from the approved program (plan and COP) (i.e. only 15 hours maximum allowed from previously completed KSU coursework)
  • No more than 18 hours in any one program is allowed

Three minors concentration:

  • Three KSU minors and/or certificate programs, one of which must be housed in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • A minimum of 15 new credit hours (from time of admission to BIS program)