Career Technical Teacher Education
CTTE is one of a small number of teacher education programs in Ohio designed to prepare teachers as educators primarily in Ohio Schools in Career-Technical Programs. The program is comprehensive offering teacher licensure programs, baccalaureate and graduate degrees, and a national occupational testing site.

On February 7, 2014, Ohio Governor John R. Kasich, Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Richard A. Ross, Ohio Career-Tech Director Steve Gratz and leaders from seven Ohio CTSOs officially launched the state’s participation in National Career-Technical Education Month for February. Governor Kasich read and signed a resolution that emphasized the value of career tech with a special focus on CTSOs.

Governor Kasich discussed the value of career-technical education and healthy lifestyles for young people. View the Governor's video message below.

Mission Statement

The Career and Technical Education Program (CTTE) offers comprehensive degrees and educational services for the Career Technical education community of Northeast Ohio. The program is committed to workforce development through leadership in educational programming for youth and adults.

Our program area offers a bachelor's and a master's degree. Career & Technical Education is also available at the doctoral level through a major in Curriculum and Instruction (C & I). A Bachelor's degree and teacher licensure are available in Career Technical Trade and Industrial Education (TIED). Students may pursue a Master's (M.Ed.) in Career Technical Education. Teacher licensure for select Career Technical trade areas is available through Industry Option Programs.

The CTTE program area also supports licensure programs for specific purposes. Teacher licensure programs for at-risk youth are available through Career Based Intervention Program (CBIP) formerly known as: Occupational Work Adjustment and Occupational Work Experience (OWE/OWA).

The CTTE program area sponsors a number of summer workshops designed to assist Career Technical professionals in upgrading and updating their professional practice. The CTTE program is affiliated with the Ohio Literacy Resource Center and The Center for Innovation in Transition and Employment.

Ohio Literacy Resource Center (OLRC) - Provides support, training, and resources for the people who work in the field of Adult Basic and Literacy Education in the state of Ohio. Research One Bldg.

Center for Innovation in Transition and Employment (CITE) – 202 White Hall. Supporting quality lives for people with disabilities and supports interdisciplinary activities across special education, rehabilitation counseling career education, and related program areas.

The Alternative Resident Educator is available to those who are successfully approved with the CTE-36 and CTE-37 evaluation completed by the local school district(s). Typically, the Alternative Resident Educator Licensure program begins with a four week course offered during the Summer III session.

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The Career Based Intervention endorsement requires a baccalaureate degree, two years of successful teaching experience under a professional early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence, or Career Technical certificate or license, and one year of full time work experience outside of education.

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The Associate of Science degree is offered through Kent State University Regional campuses.

For further information, contact CTTE program at 330-672-2656.

Associate of Science Roadmap (PDF)

A Master's Degree (M.Ed.) in Career & Technical Teacher Education consists of 32 graduate hours. The degree includes hours in general education, career technical education, and a teaching specialty area. The primary purpose of the master's degree is to improve professional practice of career technical teachers.

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Contact Information

Dr. Patrick O'Connor
Program Coordinator
412 White Hall