CAS International Programs and Education Abroad

Studying abroad is an incredibly valuable, life changing experience. At the College of Arts & Sciences, we strongly recommend that all of our students study abroad at least once during their time at Kent State University. Regardless of your major, we will help you find a study abroad experience that meets your needs. This site is intended to provide study abroad information for students in the College of Arts & Sciences. All other students should visit their college’s website, or the Office of Global Education.
Kent State students in Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

FLORENCE - SPRING, Summer & Fall

Kent State offers programs in Florence during the Spring and Fall semesters. Students take a minimum of 12 credits. Apply by Oct. 1 for Spring. There is also a Florence Summer Institute in June.

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San Jose Volcano, Chile


Volcanoes, Glaciers, and Islands - OH MY! Explore Chile this Winter Break and experience all of these landscapes and more!

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Blue Mountains, Australia


Animals and plants found nowhere else on the planet (including many of the world’s deadliest), the world’s oldest rainforest, the world’s largest living structure, the world’s oldest continuous human culture, a British colony founded by criminals.....Head to Australia for your next destination with this course from Biological Sciences

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