Many organizations provide financial aid and scholarships for veterans like you looking to continue their education. Explore the list below for scholarships and grants fro veterans, active military personnel, and family members of veterans:


Name of Scholarship Amount Description
American Legion $3000 Financial assistance for pursuing an undergraduate degree
Amvets: Dr. Aurelio M. Caccomo Family Foundation Memorial Scholarship $4000 over 4 years Veterans who are seeking new skills to compete in the job market
Amvets National Scholarship Program See Link Veterans who have exhausted their financial aid or do not have the financial means to continue their education
Amvets Scholarships See Link Awarded to veterans, sons, daughters and grandchildren of veterans as well as of deceased veterans
Daniel Drevnick Scholarship See Link Assistance for veterans who are transitioning from military to civilian law enforcement
Fallen Patriots See Link Scholarships for children of deceased veterans.
Hammer Family Scholarship See Link Scholarships for veterans studying math, statistics, chemistry, physics, or engineering.
Horatio Alger Military Veterans scholarship See Link Veterans who served under Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan or Operation Iraqi Freedom
Marines' Memorial Tribute Scholarship See Link Scholarships for any military personnel who have transitioned from Active Duty to reserve or civilian status in past 3 years.
Military order of the Purple Heart Scholarship See Link Awarded to recipient of a purple heart, direct descendent of a veteran who received a purple heart
Society of sponsors of the U.S. Navy Centennial Scholarship Program $3000/yr Assistance in pursuing academic goals
NBCC Foundation See Link Assistance in veterans who are pursuing careers in counseling military personnel
Can be used for KSU masters in School Guidance and Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Pat Tillman Foundation See Link Assistance to veterans who are pursuing further education
The Army Women’s Foundation (AWF) Legacy Scholarship $1000-$2500 Assistance to Army women and their children in achieving their goals and aspirations
Troops to Teachers Up to $5000 Provides financial assistance, counseling, and employment referrals for future teachers
Veterans United Scholarship Program Bi- annual/$2000 Committed to enhancing the lives of veterans and military families nationwide
VFW Military Scholarship $3000 per scholarship 25 $3,000 dollar scholarships annually to VFW members who are currently serving or who have been discharged within the 36 months before the December 31 deadline


  • The free Scholarship Finder can help you locate scholarships that best fit your needs.
  • The Ohio National Guard Scholarship provides tuition assistance (75 - 100%) to qualified members of the Ohio National Guard.

We also have a variety of publications regarding Portage County services, health information, and academic/career information in our office. Please connect with the Center for Adult and Veteran Services to find out more information!