Counseling and Wellness Services

Life Happens. Changes Occur. Stress Happens. Problems Arise.

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Counseling Helps

All of us can relate to those statements. Many times being able to talk it out can help. Many times we can talk it out with friends and family. And other times counseling is a useful and effective option. If your academic plan for success is out of balance due to any reason, consider counseling services. The services are free, safe, private and confidential. Our focus is your success at Kent State University and beyond. We promote prevention, education and personal empowerment through our educational and counseling services.

Some of the benefits of counseling include, but are not limited to:

  • Emotional well-being
  • Personal growth
  • Enhanced communication
  • Self-management,
  • The opportunity to gain skills that will enhance your health, academics, relationships and life.

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Kathrine Vance-Righetti, M.Ed. P.C./C.R.

Kathrine is a licensed Professional Counselor. In 2004, she graduated from Kent State University with a Master's in Education majoring in Community Counseling. For six years, as adjunct faculty at the Salem Campus, Kathrine taught various courses in the Human Services Technology and Human Development and Family Studies programs. As a member of the American College Counselors Association (a division of the American Counseling Association), she is eager to attend to needs specific to both the traditional and non-traditional college population.

Free Online Mental Health Screening

This anonymous and free online screening is a tool to screen for concerns and symptoms related to depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder and PTSD. Please review your results and select your campus counseling service for further assistance. In case of emergency dial 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency facility.

Take a Screening


In the event of a CRITICAL EMERGENCY DIAL 911 for police, fire or ambulance. Note that 911 is NOT accessible in all locations. Have an emergency contact list near your landline phone and in your mobile device.


For most local counties, the Help Hotline Crisis Center is Available: