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Application Deadlines 
     In order for your admission application to be processed in a timely manner before classes begin, you must apply by the following dates:

  • Summer 2020: July 6
  • Fall 2020: Aug. 15

You have not attended any college, university, technical or proprietary school after graduation from high school. If you have taken college coursework while in high school (College Credit Plus), you will apply as a new freshman.

You have enrolled in a college, university, technical or proprietary school after graduation from high school, but have not completed a bachelor's degree. You are still considered a transfer student even if you don't think your previous credits will transfer to Kent State.

A guest student, also known as visiting or transient student at some institutions, may be defined as either:

  • A student enrolled at another institution who wishes to take courses at Kent State University. These students typically take classes at Kent State for one semester or over the summer and then return to their home institution.
  • A student who wants to take a limited number of courses for credit (maximum 18 credit hours) for personal enrichment and has no interest in pursuing a degree.


Apply as a Post-Undergraduate Student Check Application Status

You have received a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university (this includes students who attended another college after graduating from Kent State) and wish to take additional undergraduate courses. There are two types of post-undergraduate students:

  • Degree-seeking: Individuals interested in seeking an additional bachelor’s degree.
  • Non–degree-seeking: Individuals just interested in taking additional undergraduate coursework.

For some out-of-state students attending a regional campus, Kent State University's tuition is about $6,000 less per year.

If you have taken classes at Kent State University in the past, you may not need to apply for admission. Instead, you may need to apply for re-enrollment or reinstatement.

You would like to take classes for select degrees offered fully online. Students may complete undergraduate university requirements and Kent Core courses at Kent State University in Columbiana or any campus/location, and the major requirements online. The degree would be awarded by the approved campus or college. Additional fees are assessed for online courses.

You are a high school student who wishes to participate Ohio's College Credit Plus program, allowing qualified 7th- through 12th-grade students to take college-level classes.

You are an Ohio senior citizen 60 years of age and older and would like to take credit classes.

You want to pursue a master's degree after earning your undergraduate degree. You will apply for admission through Graduate Studies at Kent State.

All international students must apply online through International Admissions at the Kent Campus.