Guest Admission

Also known as a visiting or transient student at some institutions, a guest student may be defined as either:

  • A student who is enrolled at another institution yet wishes to take courses at Kent State University. Usually this student wants to take courses at Kent State for one semester or over the summer and then return to their home institution.
  • A student who wants to take a limited number of courses for credit (maximum 18 credit hours) for personal enrichment and has no interest in pursuing a degree.


  • You must have earned a U.S. high school diploma, a U.S. GED certificate or the equivalent.
  • You do not have to provide transcripts or pay an admission fee.
  • You can attempt a maximum of 18 hours of Kent State University credit as a guest student. This allows you to attend multiple terms until you reach the 18 hour limit, so a new guest application for each term is not required.
  • You are not eligible to receive financial aid for courses registered as a guest student.
  • You must apply for regular admission if you wish to pursue a degree or continue beyond the 18 credit hour limit.
  • You are not eligible to apply as a guest student if you have been denied admission to a degree program or if you are currently under "academic dismissal" from Kent State University.
  • Letters of Good Standing from your home institution are not required for admission as a guest student at Kent State.