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One of the oldest and most well-respected Honors Programs in the United States, Kent State University’s Honors Program provides students on all campuses the opportunity to participate in learning experiences that are challenging and provide enriching experiences in the student’s areas of interest. 

Honors is open to students of Kent State University. On the Regional Campuses, a coordinator for the program provides guidance and advising to students and helps students to create learning experiences in all honors sections, or as an individual project, or as a section of a regular class. Students on regional campuses can complete their honors program on the campus, or, if transferring to Kent Campus, as members of the Honors College there.

Benefits of membership in the Kent State University at East Liverpool and Kent State University at Salem Honors Program are:
  • Priority Registration
  • Enhanced classes
  • Smaller teacher-to-student ratios
  • Special Honors advising
  • Strong sense of community
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Official recognition of Honors work on the University transcript
Honors coursework can be completed with any major.

Because of the flexibility of the program, students can complete their major and Honors requirements without taking extra classes. Students also have the option of completing an Honors Thesis which does allow for in-depth investigation and presentation. The Honors Thesis involves six credit hours in addition to the number of hours for honors designation.

  • Flexibility and freedom
  • Personal attention
  • Intellectual challenges
  • To stretch intellectual ambition and excel in all academic work
  • Encouragement to take initiative in determining the direction of the course
  • Creative teaching approaches from the professors and creative responses from students
  • Openness and honesty in approaching what may be new and controversial topics from both faculty and students
  • Opportunities to get involved in research as an undergraduate
  • Greater responsibility for academic choices
  • Integration of various kinds of learning experiences

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