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Graduation with Honors

The program offers three programs for Graduating with Honors

Although each has minimum GPA requirements, the primary emphasis is on the successful completion of an undergraduate degree program including a Senior Honors Thesis or Project.

University Honors

The rigorous standards of performance required for Graduation with University Honors make this the highest recognition the university can bestow on a graduating senior. Students complete 24 hours of coursework and an additional six hours of thesis work, producing a creative or investigative thesis in their discipline.

Departmental Honors

This designation applies to students who have come into the Honors Program specifically to create a thesis project. Students complete six hours of coursework investigating and writing a thesis. The thesis can be creative or can be investigative depending on the student's interests and departmental guidelines.

General Honors

Honors experience each semester, 24 credit hours of coursework, no thesis. Designation of Honors Scholar.

A 24 credit hour course outline might look like this:
  • First Year:                    3 Honors courses (Freshman Honors Colloquium plus one other course)
  • Sophomore Year:        2 Honors courses
  • Junior Year:                 2 Honors courses
  • Senior Year:                1 Honors course

In the case of students completing a thesis, three thesis hours are suggested in the junior year to investigate the idea and create a basis for the work, including writing the Prospectus and submitting a bibliography. The thesis must be completed and defended by about the middle of the spring semester to give time for any revisions and printing.

Good Academic Standing

Members of the Honors Program must maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA to remain in good academic standing with the program.