University Degree Completion


University Degree Completion is an opportunity for you to complete your bachelor’s degree and finish what you started. Completing your degree is an achievement that could give you great personal and professional gratification. Kent State University offers three degree programs that will allow you to fit finishing your degree into your current lifestyle. To make completing your degree, convenient and flexible, we strive to find courses and a schedule that will best fit your individual needs.

For More Information Contact:

Deanna Donaugh


What Kent State Offers
Degree Completion Scholarship

  • An Excellent Education: Complete your degree at Kent State University through an established program and a fully accredited university
  • Career Advising: You will have the opportunity to work with a career professional to determine how completing a degree can assist you in accomplishing your professional goals
  • One Stop Service: You will be able to get most assistance you need by working with your personal academic advisor
  • Degree Options: Choose one of three programs (Bachelor of Integrative Studies, Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies, or Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies) designed to create a flexible and convenient atmosphere for adult learners
  • Instructional Methods: Kent State offers on-campus, online, evening and weekend courses. You will work with your personal academic advisor to choose the type of course that best meets your needs

  • Completed 90 credit hours or more at any KSU campus
  • Earned at least a 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA
  • Stopped attending Kent State University for at least two years
  • Choose to earn a degree in one of three programs:
    • Bachelor of Integrative Studies
    • Bachelor of Science in Education Studies
    • Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies

A Degree Completion Scholarship is available to all eligible students. Talk to Deanna to find out more information.