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M.S. in Hospitality and Tourism Management (35 credits) - EFFECTIVE FALL 2017 HRs
Hospitality and Tourism Management Core Requirements  
HM 63022 Current Issues in Hospitality and Tourism Management 3
HM 63026 Research Seminar (may be repeated for credit one time) 1
SRM 65041 Tourism and Hospitality Review 3
SRM 65047 Global Issues of Tourism Trade 3
SRM 56000 Tourism Development and Recreational Travel OR HM 53025 Hospitality Marketing 3
Statistics - Select one of the following 3
MIS 64005 Analytics for Decision Making  
EVAL 65510 Statistics I for Educational Service  
Research Methods 3
EVAL 65511 Research in Educational Services  
Master's Thesis Option - Select one of the following 6
SRM 63199 Thesis I (Thesis advisor is a RPTM faculty member) OR HM 61199 Thesis 1 (Thesis advisor is a HM faculty member)  
Non-thesis Option - Complete the following courses 6
HM 51092 Hospitality and Tourism Management Professional Practicum 3
HM 64010 Hospitality and Tourism Management Capstone 3
Business Management Supporting Coursework: In consultation with advisor, students will select 60,000 level supporting courses from the College of Business in one focus area which may include: Marketing, Financial Management, or Human Resources Management. 3-6
Focus Area: Select coursework from the list below or select other courses based on student professional goals and with advisor approval.   3-7
HM 53025 Hospitality Marketing (3 credits)  
HM 53027 Hospitality Human Resources Management (3 credits)  
HM 53029 Hospitality Financial Policy (3 credits)  
HM 53030 Food Service Systems Management (3 credits)  
HM 53040 Strategic Lodging Management (3 credits)  
HM 53043 Hospitality Meetings Management (3 credits)  
HM 63024 Management of Food and Nutrition Services (3 credits)  
HM 63092 Hospitality and Tourism Management Practicum (1 credit)  
HM 63095 Special Topics in Hospitality Management (1-3 credits)  
SRM 55022 Event Planning and Production (3 credits)  
SRM 55024 Sport in Global Perspective (3 credits)  
SRM 56000 Tourism Development and Recreational Travel (3 credits)  
SRM 56030 Dynamics of Leisure Behavior (3 credits)  
SRM 56060 Administration of Leisure Services (3 credits)  
SRM 56070 Park Planning (3 credits)  
SRM 63195 Special Topics in Exercise, Leisure, & Sport (1-3 credits)  
SRM 65061 Philosophical/Social Basis of Leisure & Sport (3 credits)  
CULT 69521 Multicultural Educational Practice & Policy (3 credits)