Program Overview

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Outline of the Program

Summer consists of 5 courses. This coursework prepares students in the background in foundations, Education Psychology, and general methods required to be successful in the classroom.

Fall semester consists of between 15 and 18 semester hours of courses, focused on teaching specific content (for example, mathematics or art). In addition to these courses, there is a 100-hour field practicum required at a school, which is arranged by a faculty advisor and the office of field experiences at Kent State University.

Spring semester consists of full time student-teaching and 6 hours of courses. During student teaching, students assume the classroom responsibilities of their mentor teacher. The mentor and KSU student work together to discuss planning, classroom management, and professional development issues. In addition to student-teaching, students take two college courses: Seminar in Secondary Teaching and Action Research.

The MAT program offers Adolescent / Young Adult Education licensure (grades 7-12) in the following teaching fields: In addition, multi-age licensure (pre-K through grade 12) is available in:
  • Integrated Social Studies
  • Integrated Language Arts
  • Integrated Mathematics
  • Integrated Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Life Science / Chemistry
  • Chemistry / Physics
  • Earth Sciences
  • Dance
  • Health
  • Music
  • Visual Arts
  • Foreign Language: (French, German, Latin, and Spanish)

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