Student Spotlight

Christen N.Christen N

What year in school are you?

Where are you from originally?
Parma Heights, Ohio

Are you a full- or part-time student?
Full-time student

Are you working and/or volunteering in addition to taking classes? If so, where?
I am currently working at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center for the Intramural Department as a referee. I also work for the Magical Theatre Company as an Enrichment Program Instructor as part of its outreach program for adolescents in Akron Public Schools. I spend my Saturdays volunteering at worksites through the Habitat for Humanity chapter at Kent State University.

Favorite class and/or faculty member, and why?
I truly love all of my classes this semester, but my favorite class right now is my Teaching Reading with Literature in Middle Childhood Education. I really enjoy learning great strategies to teach reading to students and being exposed to different activities that we can consider using one day as teachers.

Where do you see yourself after graduation? What is your dream job?
After graduation, I would love to start my career somewhere in either southern Ohio or in one of the southern states in general. While I have a job, I want to be in graduate school either studying Higher Education or K-12 Administration. My absolute dream job, depending on the Master’s level path I decide to take, would be an Academic Advisor/some sort of executive position, or a principal.

What is your favorite activity to take part in on/off campus?
I truly cannot choose just one activity that I am involved in that is my favorite, but for this purpose, I would say my sorority and Student Success Programs. Both have helped me develop and grow as a person. They have provided me with so many amazing opportunities to build myself up professionally while making connections. They have also given me some of the best memories of college and some of the greatest friends in my life.

What are some tips you can give to freshmen about getting involved on campus?
Get involved as soon as you can! Do not be afraid to jump into as many organizations as you are able to handle. Being able to balance school work and life in general is important; however being a part of any organization can really shape you as a person more so than you think. You discover your abilities, potential, and how successful you can truly be in whatever career path you choose.

What are some study and/or time management tips you can give to freshmen?
Keep a planner with you to write everything down and keep it with you. Whether it is just a homework assignment or a test, writing down when due dates will help you plan out when to actually do the homework and study. Don’t procrastinate. Easier said than done, but cramming the night before the test will not work anymore. Plan in advance, and study a little bit each day and you will get the results you want!