The EXCEL Learning Community is a learning community for first year Exploratory students. EXCEL [Explore, Career, Education, and Leadership] is designed to assist you with exploring careers, education, and leadership while moving you toward selecting your major by the end of your first year.

How do I participate?

The EXCEL Learning Community is open to first year Exploratory students residing in Lake Hall, Honors College students residing in Stopher/Johnson Halls and students commuting to campus.

Students living on campus must select Lake Hall and the EXCEL Community as top choices on their Housing Application (exceptions are made for Honors College students residing Stopher/Johnson Halls).

19 hours ago
RSVP here: https://t.co/EDi9Qvsl9d Come enjoy wings, pizza & breadsticks at 6:30 on Wednesday before we head to the… https://t.co/f6mnBf59WX
19 hours ago
As the year winds down, EXCEL is so grateful for our outstanding mentors! https://t.co/DjFf1vgUau
1 day ago
Meet Mentor Alice and RA Biagio tomorrow (Saturday) in Lake at 2:00 to walk to the rec for some outdoor volleyball,… https://t.co/4nS8KrJQa9
3 days ago
Tonight at 11:00 pm Lake Lounge: My Time to Register with EXCEL Mentors and insomnia cookies. See you there!… https://t.co/krUglrH5Rp