The EXCEL Learning Community is a learning community for first year Exploratory students. EXCEL [Explore, Career, Education, and Leadership] is designed to assist you with exploring careers, education, and leadership while moving you toward selecting your major by the end of your first year.

How do I participate?

The EXCEL Learning Community is open to first year Exploratory students residing in Lake Hall, Honors College students residing in Stopher/Johnson Halls and students commuting to campus.

Students living on campus must select Lake Hall and the EXCEL Community as top choices on their Housing Application (exceptions are made for Honors College students residing Stopher/Johnson Halls).

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Mission Statement

The EXCEL learning community is dedicated to providing the foundation for students’ timely degree completion. EXCEL focuses on the holistic learning involved in students’ self-exploration, major and career exploration and academic success. The EXCEL community fosters relationships among EXCEL students, student mentors, staff and faculty.

  • To create a community atmosphere fostering immediate friendships and  connections among diverse exploratory students, peer mentors, faculty members, and staff members
  • To support students in identifying career goals and action steps necessary to achieve those goals.
  • To foster the development of strong academic habits and practices
  • To expose students to pertinent personal, academic and social resources to be successful
  • To engage students in leadership opportunities across campus 
  • Connect with your peers quickly and develop lifelong friendships
  • Gain insight into the many fields of study by participating in programming specifically for Exploratory students hosted in Lake Hall
  • Enroll in an EXCLUSIVE co-registered courses specific for EXCEL students, which provides you the opportunity to connect with your fellow peers and network in study groups. Co-Registered courses include in the fall semester the First Year Experience course and a Kent CORE.  In the spring, the Career Navigation course. 

  • Gain on-site access to EXCEL Peer Mentors who are here to support you in success with special programming and scheduled office-hours to visit (and chat).