Explore: \ik-`splor\ verb 1. to search or travel through (a place) for the purpose of discovery, 2. to examine something carefully.



The Exploratory program in University College is designed for students like you who have not declared a major and want to investigate the many degree-granting programs offered at Kent State University. The Exploratory Advising Center has professionally trained academic advisors to assist you to actively explore and identify the major that best matches your career goals. Exploring demands action, and University College has an outstanding Exploration Plan to guide you to academic and major success. Our advisors are prepared to guide you through an innovative process to learn about yourself and match that understanding to career and life goals. The process is important because all students must declare a degree-granting major by the time they earn 45 Kent State credit hours - approximately three semesters of coursework.

Academic advising at Kent State University supports the teaching and learning mission of the University by helping students understand the value of achieving their educational goals. Advising is an on-going partnership among students, advisors and the University community.

Career Counseling Available!

Are you stuck when it comes to making that major decision? We have two excellent options for you:

Option 1: The Career Services Center is an exceptional resource for your career and major exploration needs. You can schedule an appointment to meet with a Career Services Counselor at 261 Schwartz by calling 330-672-2360. Please see the Career Services Center website to learn more about their services.

Option 2: Career Counseling is also available in the Exploratory Advising Center by appointment. Sessions can be scheduled online by selecting the "Make an Advising Appointment" icon above. Sign in using your Kent State ID and once prompted, select "Career Counseling (not an advising appointment)" to schedule. EAC Career Counselors work individually with students who need more in-depth assistance in navigating the next steps of career planning in an affirming and empathic environment. Confidential sessions are fifty minutes in length.