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Launched in the fall 2014, the Green Dot Strategy is a bystander approach for the prevention of power-based personal violence that relies on the power of cultural and peer influence. The strategy targets everyone in the community as agents of change to visible reduce the number of incidents of violence.  


  1. Skills-based workshop
  2. Social marketing campaign


The one day workshop engages participants through awareness, education and skill practice that seek to establish intolerance of violence as a norm and intervene in high risk situations, resulting in an ultimate reduction of violence.

The goal is to equip participants for action in their community. By doing so, new norms are introduced that move individuals from passive agreement that violence is wrong, to active intervention.

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Green Dot is not just about reacting when we see or hear something which puts someone at risk, it is also about being proactive to change the message at Kent State and culture around violence.  

Through social marketing and peer influence we are changing Kent State. All over the Kent Campus, students, faculty and staff are helping to send a message that violence will not be tolerated.  What are you doing to change culture at Kent State?  

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