Scholarships for Physics Majors

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The Honors Scholarship in Physics

The Physics Department, together with the Honors College at Kent State University, offers the Honors Scholarship in Physics. This scholarship is awarded annually to one or two outstanding high school seniors, who agree to become physics majors at Kent State University. Scholarship recipients also become members of the prestigious Honors College. The amount of the scholarship ranges from $1500 to $4000 per year, depending on the qualifications of the recipient. The scholarship is renewable yearly for up to four years or until graduation, whichever comes first, subject to the recipient maintaining scholastic standards agreed upon jointly by the Physics Department and the Honors College.

John and Lina Moteff Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2003 to support physics students at Kent State University. Recipients are selected based on academic achievement, and future promise.

The scholarship provides a tuition benefit of $1,000 per academic year. The scholarship is available for four years (eight semesters) or until graduation, whichever comes first. To remain eligible for this scholarship, the student must register for at least 12 hours each semester, and maintain good standing as a Physics major at Kent State University.

Dr. Anthony A. and Lillian E. Silvidi Endowed Scholarship in Physics

This scholarship is subject to the funds being released by the Kent State University Foundation. In order to remain eligible for this scholarship, you must enroll at Kent State University as a full-time student with declared major in Physics.

Tony Silvidi was a Professor of Physics from 1952 to 1982, and after formally retiring he continued to teach for an additional ten years. He was one of the architects of today's KSU Department of Physics, and played a key role in establishing us as a premier research intensive department. Tony lost his battle with cancer in Spring 2011, but before he passed he created this legacy gift to help young persons succeed in both the field of knowledge and the department that meant so much to him.

Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program

Integrated Science Training for Northeast Ohio's Future
Biomedical and Biotechnology Workforce

Choose Ohio First (COF) Scholarships are student-centered awards from the State of Ohio for students pursuing degrees in biotechnology and the biomedical sciences other than the clinical professions. Students can major in Biotechnology, Biological Sciences, Biological Chemistry, or Physics. The award is $4,700 an academic year for tuition and is renewable. For program description, see the Winter 2008 issue of Kent State Magazine (PDF) (pg. 18).

Eligibility and Application Information

Recent Physics Major awardees:

Term Recipient
Fall 2012 Jason Lundquist
Fall 2012 Tessandra Sage
Spring 2012 Christopher Bohrer
Fall 2011 Aaron Rees
Fall 2011 Benjamin Stickel
Fall 2010 Michael Madison
Fall 2010 Dominic Malcolm
Fall 2010 George Rosekelly
Spring 2009 Aaron Welton
Spring 2009 Shawn Witham

Scholarships for Broadening Participation in the Sciences

The Kent State University Scholarships for Broadening Participation in the Sciences annually provide 22 undergraduate scholarships, averaging $5,000 each to promising science majors. Students must meet the federal eligibility guidelines and requirements to receive financial aid and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. The scholarship is renewable each year and available until 2010/11. For application information visit the Stem Scholarships website. Please contact John Portman if you have any questions. Application deadline: February 1.

R. Billingslea Minority Scholarship

A scholarship of $1000 annually is available partially to support undergraduates on the Kent Campus majoring in biology, chemistry and physics, with a preference for minority students. For further information, please contact Anna Lee Heinl at 330-672-8962.

Other Student Awards:

Please also visit our web page for Student Awards.

More Information:

Further details about scholarships offered at Kent State University, and about other sources of financial support, are available from the Student Financial Aid Office. See in particular the information about scholarships available to students in the College of Arts and Sciences.