Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science

Amy Petrinec, Ph.D., RN

After completing my master’s degree, I transitioned from clinical ICU nursing to teaching critical care at the undergraduate nursing level. During these experiences, I identified the family members of intensive care unit patients as a population who often has untoward psychological symptoms during the patient’s ICU admission. My dissertation work focused on the stress and coping of family members during and after a patient’s ICU hospitalization.

Jo A. Dowell, Ph.D., RN, CRNP, PNP, FNP-BC, CFNE

I am nursing researcher who has completed two Postdoctoral Fellowships at Ohio State University and Duke University. My research foci are on pediatric health outcomes and symptoms management. I've completed three grants in my first year, including an R21. I am actively involved in one study currently and have also published two manuscripts within the past year. I am a manuscript reviewer and have reviewed 5 manuscripts this past year. I am also a grant reviewer. I recently presented at Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society: 27th International Congress in Cape Town, South Africa.

Mary K. Anthony, Ph.D., RN, CS

I have served as Associate Dean for Research for the Kent State College of Nursing since 2008 while holding a joint appointment as Co-Director Nursing Research, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio. Participating in and supporting research and scholarly work has been integral to my professional activities for over 15 years. I have received funding for my program of research on nursing care delivery models and outcomes from federal and professional organizations.