Dr. Yanhai Du in the College of Applied Engineering Sustainability and Technology shows students how a spiral fuel cell works
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Research at Kent State University

Research for Life at Kent State focuses on solving major global challenges we face as a society - in healthcare, energy and sustainability. Research for Life means enriching lives through our cultural and artistic endeavors, educating the next generation of educators, and inquiring deeply into the human condition.

It also describes Kent State’s commitment to the regional, state and national economies. Through our research endeavors we are ensuring the future economic well-being of our region and state.

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The Origins of Aggression

Heather Caldwell, Ph.D., associate professor of biological sciences, is looking at how exposure to the hormone oxytocin early in brain development affects aggressive behavior in adulthood.  Her research is funded by the National Science Foundation. 

Marketing Flexible Electronics

A new high-tech company, FITOS, formed by John L. West, Ph.D., Trustees Research Professor and senior research fellow at Kent State’s Liquid Crystal Institute, will market flexible films that can be used in electronic devices. 

Facts & Figures

Read about our extramural funding to date, as well as our federal investment and research impact.

Our Resources

Our mission is to provide the resources, facilities and services needed by Kent State faculty and students to conduct groundbreaking, globally relevant research and scholarship.

We identify funding opportunities, mentor and train researchers and guide investigators in fulfilling grant requirements. We encourage collaboration and student participation in research and we partner with industry. on new technologies and commercialization.

Student Resources

Student Research Resources at Kent State University

We encourage students to participate in research groups as undergraduates, where they can learn from graduate students, postdoctoral and faculty mentors. We co-sponsor an annual undergraduate symposium on research, scholarly and creative activity. We offer training on compliance with research ethics, policies and regulations.

Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

We work with faculty to find research collaborators and to develop and submit proposals to fund their research. We accept grant and contract awards on behalf of the university, negotiate terms and ensure that research regulations are met. Technology transfer assistance helps faculty who want to commercialize their research.

Industry Resources

Industry Resources

We partner closely with industry at an early stage to move research discoveries into the marketplace and to create jobs and economic vitality. We can provide industry with access to facilities and equipment and to researchers through forums and symposia and sponsored research projects. We sponsor industry consortia and make technologies available for licensing.

Research for Life: Research Tells a Story

The 2015 Research for Life magazine explores how great research tells a fascinating story. The stories in this issue ask such diverse questions as: Why does the Civil War continue to fascinate us, 150 years later? What can we learn from big data? How does where you are born affect your life story? What can new 3D imaging techniques tell us about the progress of disease? How did an accidental discovery in the lab lead to the launch of a new company? Follow these stories and more.

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Print version 

The Better to See You With

Robert Clements, Ph.D., is developing new imaging techniques that give a 3D or even 4D look deep inside the brain and body, giving new insights to researchers and clinicians. See the video and read the story.

Putting Flesh on Bones

Linda Spurlock, Ph.D., sharpens her pencils when the coroner calls.  An anthropologist and forensic artist, she is at home sketching crime victims’ faces from skull remains and reconstructing the pelvis of the 4.4 million-year-old Ardi skeleton.

Revisiting the Civil War

150 years ago the war ended, but its stories still resonate with Ohioans and families around the nation whose relatives fought. Kent State researchers examine why the Civil War still fascinates us.  Read the story (link to magazine story, to come)

Invested in Research

The Division of Research and Sponsored Programs (RASP) builds research capabilities at Kent State by increasing research funding, identifying new areas for investment and expanding the university’s economic impact through technology commercialization.

We work with faculty to identify and develop research interests, find funding, and prepare high-quality proposals. The division negotiates grants and contracts, provides post-award management services, and ensures that Kent State research complies with federal and state regulations and policies.

Through partnerships with industry, RASP provides access to technologies and intellectual property for commercial development.

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