International Communication Association

Aaron Bacue

Aaron E. Bacue is a seasoned communication educator and professional with almost 20 years of experience teaching communication at the university level, coaching public speaking, and managing competitive grant-, state-, and privately-funded research projects.

Janet Meyer

Janet Meyer teaches in the areas of persuasion, communication theory, communication and cognition, measurement & analysis, research methods, and language & meaning. Her recent research has focused on factors influencing the production of regretted messages, learning from regretted messages, the cognitive processes underlying the production of requests, politeness in request messages, and the effect of situational factors on the pursuit of secondary goals.

Jeffrey T. Child

Jeff has over 30 publications that advance an understanding of communication in three main areas: 1) communication technologies and human interaction, 2) interpersonal and family communication from diverse cultural perspectives, and 3) instructional communication effectiveness.